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Meet Dr. Mike Murgic

Dr. Mike MurgicAfter suffering a sports injury to his ankle, Dr. Mike was referred to see a health professional. Instead of going to the practitioner he should have seen, he accidentally walked into the chiropractor’s office. He was adjusted and had a therapy done on his ankle. Though the problem had been chronic for more than three years, it never plagued him again. The fortunate coincidence of going to the wrong office changed his entire path in life!


Dr. Mike attended Logan University in Chesterfield, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis. At the school, he had a fantastic experience thanks to the institution’s support for learning in ways that work for each student.

He graduated in 1994, then worked for a time on the East Coast of the U.S. Then, it was time to return home to Windsor.

Get Results

The areas Dr. Mike focuses on include functional movement patterns, exercises and posture. He believes in an objective approach and getting results for his patients.


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