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Prenatal Chiropractic at Windsor Neck & Back Care Centre

Girl with head on pregnant bellyWhen you’re expecting, you have numerous changes taking place on what can sometimes seem like a daily basis. As your baby grows and your body readies for birth, transformations must occur. Along the way, you may experience common aches and pains or feel concerned about going into labour. At Windsor Neck & Back Care Centre, we love seeing prenatal patients who are well-aligned and ready to welcome their baby.

Your Natural Healthcare Solution

Chiropractic can assist you in different ways. If you’re in pain, we can increase your comfort. We can also improve your pelvis position, which in turn may mean an easier birthing process. You’ll feel stronger with the proper muscular balance, too. Since chiropractic is drug-free, it’s the safe alternative to medications that can’t be taken while you’re expecting. It won’t have the side effects that drugs do, either!

Your Personalised Recommendations

Our doctors will perform a thorough evaluation at your first visit to determine how best to help you. Afterwards, we can make our best recommendations on how you should proceed. For example, we’ll let you know how often you should see us. Towards the end of your pregnancy, we may recommend weekly visits.

You might think, if I’m not in pain, do I need chiropractic? Since we perform a functional assessment, we can uncover areas of dysfunction that you may not be aware of. Everyone should be checked by a chiropractor to make sure that they’re in the best possible health.


Do you have specialised techniques for pregnant women?

Our prenatal patients can benefit from the same techniques we use on our other patients. Applied Kinesiology, Diversified, ArthroStim® and Activator® are all appropriate for expecting moms. ArthroStim® and Activator® are non-force, instrument-based methods that can be used on nearly anyone.

Will you change my care as I move through my pregnancy?

It’s our goal to accommodate your needs on each visit. That’s why we assess you every time you see us. We’ll alter our technique as needed. As your belly grows, we can have you lie on your side and modify our technique.

Do you have other recommendations during pregnancy?

We also carry lines of products such as supportive braces or compression socks. We’ll be happy to discuss whether they might be appropriate for you!

How safe is an adjustment during pregnancy?

It’s considered to be very safe. Chiropractic care can alleviate symptoms, as well as prepare your back and body to better handle childbirth.

How often do I need to come in?

We recommend once a month in the first trimester, every 2-3 weeks until the last month of pregnancy, and weekly until delivery.

Will you work with my OB-GYN?

Yes, if necessary.

Do I need a referral from my physician?


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